Lift, Inc. Mountville, Carlisle, and Leesport Office and Employees

For over half a century, Lift, Inc. has been a beacon in the warehouse and logistics industry, offering unmatched expertise and steadfast support to our valued partners. What began as an equipment dealership has evolved into a complete solutions provider, encompassing Forklift, Aerial, Dock & Door, Warehouse Solutions, and Lift Automation Divisions. With our skilled team of over 450 passionate Employee-Owners, we’ve continually pioneered innovations, elevated industry standards, and recalibrated benchmarks.

From our inception 50+ years ago, our operations span four cutting-edge facilities, including an advanced training center in our Mountville, PA headquarters.  What truly sets Lift, Inc. apart is our well-earned reputation as an industry leader. This isn’t just a title we hold; it’s a responsibility we embrace. In every project we undertake, our goal is to uphold this reputation by delivering results that exceed expectations. Our clients trust us not only for our quality work but also for our dependability, flexibility, and genuine partnership approach.

At Lift, Inc., we’re not merely offering services; we’re envisioning and shaping the future of warehouse and supply chain automation. Together, let’s propel the industry to unparalleled heights.

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