Understanding AGV & AMR Technology

AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) and AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) are self-navigating robots utilized in the material handling and automation industries for transporting goods within a warehouse or distribution center. These autonomous solutions provide numerous advantages including improved efficiency, safety, and flexibility, while reducing labor requirements. They can either follow pre-defined routes or, in the case of AMRs, dynamically adjust their path based on the surrounding environment.

For Lift Automation customers, the integration of AGVs and AMRs into their operations can lead to boosted productivity, the ability to scale in response to fluctuating demands, and an impressive return on investment.

Boost Throughput with AGV & AMR Technology

The operational efficiency of AGVs and AMRs facilitates a substantial increase in throughput. These autonomous solutions eliminate manual errors, reduce handling times, and speed up order fulfillment processes.

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Pallet Shuttle
Pallet Shuttle
Pallet AMR
Pallet AMR

Reduce Cost per Carton with AGV & AMR Technology

AGVs and AMRs significantly minimize the cost per carton by optimizing workflows and reducing manual labor. This results in lower operational expenses, increased efficiency, and improved profit margins.

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Leverage Lift’s Solutions & Offerings

At Lift Automation, we excel in integrating AGV and AMR technology into our clients’ operations. Our experts design, build, and service solutions unique to your business needs. We do more than simply provide you with the technology – we help you harness it to gain a competitive edge, making a direct positive impact on your bottom line.

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Locus Robotics Direct Picking
Locus Robotics Direct Picking

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